Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Occupy Together: Not just in NY, but in echoes heard around the world

These occupations are taking place in MANY cities. Moreover, millions of people who aren't physically attending are still paying HEED to them.....despite the best efforts of the financier-controlled media and governments to diminish, patronize, and suppress them....

Speaking of paying heed to distant and imagined messages, am reading A Mapmaker's Dream, in which a monk in Venice, Italy, circa 1550, attempts to imagine and map the world based on fragmentary reports from various travelers. "A man staggers along the Via Dolorosa every time he sets out to create a thing of beauty." The prose is powerful, poetic, and evocative.

"I am my world," says Wittgenstein. And he also says, "Do not mistake the territory for the map."

The monk is constantly torn by his own inability to leave Venice, by his own struggle to fill in the blanks left by what his travelers' reports hint at or fail to he is also torn by the possibilities and limitations of his own feverish imagination..... Of course I can identify with this. So can almost anyone troubled by inertia, paralysis, imagination, and the apprehension of the dimmest possibilities of a cosmos knowable and unknowable in its complexities and wonders.