Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Damn damn damn damn damn!

(with thanks to Lerner & Loewe)

Damn damn damn damn damn!
Why couldn’t this president
Have been more like a man?
We’ve grown accustomed to his face
The endless forms of his disgrace
His empty swagger, mindless smirk.
The murk inside this jerk
His lies that blind
Are ties that bind
They’re second nature to us now
Like breathing out and breathing in
We’ve learned
to expect
the worst
of him.
We were serenely independent and content
Before we met
Maybe we can learn to be that way again and yet
He’s ruined everything we knew
The Constitution, too,
He may just sink us all
Before he’s through.

He’s a most unforgiving man
The kind that makes a stupid move
And then won’t budge for years
No matter how much blood and treasure is spilled
No matter how many tears.
And if he came crawling back to us
And asked for our forgiveness
We’d remind him
We couldn’t find him
In any crisis:
On 9/11, neither during, post, nor pre,
Did we get wise leadership from he.
When Katrina appeared
And neared
He went AWOL again
Just as we feared.
When our stocks eroded, then imploded,
He was dizzy, lost, maybe loaded.

…We’re very grateful he’ll be gone
But he’ll be murder to forget
We’re feeling gravely weakened
From all the blood he’s let
And yet
We’ve grown accustomed to disgrace
Hovering round our place
Accustomed to his apelike