Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Hang down your head Tom DeLay

Click here: He's Gone

"I AM the Federal Government." --Tom DeLay

Oh Tom,
Poor Tom,
You've hung yourself in the House Cloakroom
And we're so glad you're gone.

Strum your geetars, boys!

Hang down your head Tom DeLay
Hang down your head & cry,
Hang down your head Tom DeLay
Poor boy we're bound to die.......laffing
At your lying Texas ass!

"I golfed with him in Scotland
I sold my vote for gold
I'm going the way of Abramoff
I'm played out and must fold.

"In my next life I will lobby
Just like was done to me
I'll lobby for a hobby
But won't lobby for free

"If you should want a
to sell his vote to you
Come see me over on K Street
And I'll see what I can do."