Thursday, March 26, 2009

Poor, Poor, Pitiful Jake

Click here: A Response to AIG’s Jake DeSantis - Victim, Philanthropist, Media Critic, Quitter :

There are readily accessible online profiles of Dudley Do-right which list him as a derivatives expert. So how innocent could he be, and could he have been over the past several years, of his own corporate team’s hijinx? He's being, to put very kindly, disingenuous. I'm sure he didn't donate to charity any of his massive bonuses from recent PREVIOUS years, bonuses which were doubtless bloated by AIG's ill-gotten gains trafficking in derivatives.

Thanks, Wrecking Ball, for reminding us about poor selfless Jakie-boy’s MILLION DOLLAR BONUS he was promised along with his $1/annum. And I’d love to know how many millions he’s been paid, cumulatively, over the past many years while working for a diseased corporation which has helped wipe out trillions in middle class savings and may yet help tumble the globe into a major depression.

What do you bet this guy never served in the military, never did any low-paid (Vista, Peace Corps, teaching, whatever)public service, and climbed on the “financial services” gravy boat just as soon as he could and has sailed on it ever since, only scuttling off it now that the heat is on. He’s been wildly over rewarded for his work, he’s in the richest 1/10 of 1/10 of 1% of Americans, and now he’s having a pity party for his poor put-upon righteous self. Wow.

No doubt there will dozens of screeds ripping the creepily self-pitying, grotesquely self-righteous, laughably clueless, obscenely self-entitled, Mr. De Santis in the NYT and elsewhere in the next day or two….. He just doesn’t get it. Why should he? He’s been a boy in a bubble his whole professional life, his avaricious delusions reinforced by his fellow bubble-boys on The Street.