Monday, January 26, 2009

Seen: Sad Sack in a lunchroom

There was an old blowhard in the lunchroom where I just ate who was yapping on about how generous the rich are and how they should get big taxcuts. Finally I just told him he was "so full of it it's sad" and left him in his own toxicity.

He clearly wasn't rich. Just a miserable old pensioner. What the fuck is wrong with these fools who defend the rich? I know they're ditto heads, sucking up those radio lies all day, but why do they vote against their own wallets? So fucking sick. They're out of their heads.

Also, he pretends to be smiley. But he's eaten up with hate. And there are 10's of millions like him. Nothing in Bush's 8 years of 360 degree failure, not even the stock market collapse, has given them a clue. How the rich must love these chumps.