Sunday, May 28, 2006

Welllll, Ah'll be plumb neoconsternated!!!!

Wellllll, Ah'll be plumb neoconsternated!

Did you see 60 Minutes tonight? It being Memorial Day tomorrow, Mike Wallace followed the lives of some Iraq war vets with missing limbs and shrapnel in their brains. God love 'em for being so optimistic despite their horrific injuries. But there's something not a little grotesque about (octagenarian? nonagenarian?) Mike asking vets who are literally missing chunks of their brains and who can barely talk if they still believe in W's mission in Iraq. They said, with some difficulty, that they did. Of course, that's what W says too, and W has trouble talking, and thinking, as well.

The girl who got a chunk of her brain blown away also said she liked the self she is now, AFTER her IED, better than the she she was BEFORE the debraining..... OK, OK, I'm not being fair. She sounds and looks in unbelievably (is that the operative word?) good shape. But you shoulda seen the photo of her immediately after her wound, with half her skull missing..... Nothing like a lobotomy to help you cheerfully stand (or, if you're in a wheelchair for the rest of your life, sit...) your ground and stay the course.

Here's W issuing his first mealymouthed mea culpa of the catastrophic success: "Not everything has turned out as we had hoped." No shit, Sherlock! And he goes on to say, "No question that the Iraq war has, you know, created a sense of consternation here in America.." Yes SIR, Mr. President. I'm catastrophically consternated over here. I and my fellow countrymen are consternated up the wazoo. "I mean, when you turn on your TV screen and see innocent people die day in and day out, it affects the mentality of our country." Espeshually de mentality of our yung troopers who hab gotten der brains blowed out, massah. He added: "I can understand why the American people are troubled by the war in Iraq. I understand that. But I also believe the sacrifice is worth it and it's necessary." Yup. So long as somebody ELSE is making that sacrifice, it's worth it. But how would you be feeling if Jenna got HER gin-soaked partygirl brains blowed out?

Hell, at least Frontman George is facing the glare of the cameras. Where are the REAL architects of this disaster, the NeoCon Gangstahs Rummy & Cheney & Wolfy & Feith & Perle & Kristol & Libby & ? And most especially did I say Cheney, our embunkered de facto CEO? Does that guy ever take responsibility for ANY of his thousand fuckups? Or does he just go out and shoot somebody when things don't turn out as predicted? Nothing like a nice tipsy walk in the country.....with a loaded shotgun.....and suckups within close close clear the troubled NeoCon mind....