Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sully seems......UNsullied

Click here: A Pilot Becomes a Hero Years in the Making -

Go Sully, go Sully, go Sully, go! Sully seems......UNsullied. Named best pilot in his class at AFA. Glider training from an early age. Devoted to his vocation, flying, since boyhood. Respected by his peers and neighbors for his sterling character, cool head, and self possession. Supremely well prepared for this moment. Thirty plus years of experience, but still has the reflexes to correctly decide and then execute in nanoseconds. This amazing intersection of challenge and capacity, mixed with good fortune, transformed a potential disaster into a eyepopping deliverance & triumph. Why, it's almost enough to restore your faith in homo sapiens in general and Americans in particular.

As the article says, what a contrast between this guy's selfless professionalism, courage, and concern for others and the obscene self-seeking and profit-taking/swindling on Wall Street, or in the Bush Administration, for that matter. Makes a beautiful and hopeful overture to the inauguration.