Monday, April 12, 2010

RE-regging seems a distant dream

Congress, owned by the big banks, corporations, and plutocrats, de-regged (thanks tons, Phil Gramm, and your conjugal partner in crime, Martha Gramm) Wall Street and, eventually,unleashed the financial collapse. But we aren't RE-regging because Congress is still pimped out to K-street. We need financial regulations with teeth, but we also need Congressmen with balls, and we won't have many of them without campaign finance reform. Meanwhile, the monstrous new decision of the Roberts Corp, er, ah, I mean Court, has opened the floodgates to massive new corporate campaign funding/bribes. Roberts is doing all he can to serve his corporate masters and subvert the Constitution, shunting governance away from individual voters and even more securely into the hands of Big Money. By the way, even small banks are no guarantee of ending financial mischief. Georgia's small banks got their state into especially deep doodoo with voodoo real estate loans. See Paul Krugman's column, 4/11/10, New York Times, for more on this.

Speaking of toothless regulations and no-balled Congressmen, why is no one prosecuting Chris Cox, ex Repig Cali Congressman and the disgraced former Chairman of the SEC? The man openly disregarded mountains of data warning him of the coming bank collapses. "Heckuva of a job, Coxie!" Can't he be charged with dereliction of duty, or being party to a gigantic financial swindle, or being a fox in a hen house, or SOMEthing, sputter sputter?!