Friday, May 01, 2009

Kick 'em to the curb

Click here: SEIU Huge News about Bank of America: Tell Your Friends, Family, and Coworkers Bank of America shareholders have stripped arrogant/swindling Ken Lewis of his chairmanship.

Sweeeeeet. His thieving ass is halfway out the window. But he's still CEO! So kick him the rest of the way to the curb.

Bastards like Kenny Boy II thought they were above the law. Hell, with their paid off Congressmen they were MAKING the legalize their looting.

Kenny Boy II is not the only crooked banker/swindler/shitstain that needs laundering. What, for example, is slimy Anthony Mozilo (who looted Countrywide Insurance) doing outside a jail cell?

And speaking of shitstains that need cleaning up: By what insane standard can torture-memo toady Jay Bybee ( still be considered fit to be a federals appeals judge with a lifetime appointment?! Now that the political wind has shifted, even he himself has recently made statements trying to disown and distance himself from his own 2002 torture memo. Obviously he's an integrity-free zone, a lie-yer like Alberto Gonzalez, who was ready to do or say whatever his Bush/Cheney masters wanted him to say, and the law be damned! And by what repulsively corrupt standard can John Yoo, another torture-memo toady, be considered a worthy professor of law at U of Cal, Berkeley?

Is there a way to embarrass Bybee and Yoo out of their sinecures? I notice that Yoo has already hied himself to hyper-conservative Chapman College to get away from the criticism at Berkeley, but he still holds his post at Berkeley. Is there anything short of impeachment which can prompt the disgraced Bybee to step down from his judgeship? He's an embarrassment to the judiciary, but if he wrote that memo, he's probably shameless and immune to personal guilt and shame. In any case, the spot light must remained trained on this maggot. He's obviously much more comfortably working in the dark.