Friday, October 10, 2008

The humblest beggar becomes us

"If in the midst of your enjoyment of the world you have a moment, try to help in however small a way those who are downtrodden and those who,for whatever reason, cannot or do not help themselves. Try not to turn awayfrom those whose appearance is disturbing, from the ragged and unwell. Try never to think of them as inferior to yourself. If you can, try not even tothink of yourself as better than the humblest beggar. You will look the same in your grave."
--The 14th Dalai Lama

After the bank bust won't MOST of us look or feel like the "humblest beggars," me included? Except for Bush/Cheney/Rummy of course, they'll still have their rancheros-in-hell. And Fuld (Lehman Bros.), Martin Sullivan (AIG), and Paulson (Goldman Sachs) will still be nestling in their soiled golden parachutes. And Phil Gramm and Alan Greenspan will take their pay-offs to their graves....