Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Lutz's Last Stand

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Bob Lutz: Responsible for product development at GM during the Bush Admin.

Testosterone loaded ex Navy pilot. Was on Letterman show the other night, and is clearly still immensely pleased with himself. Meanwhile, his company, once the greatest in the world, has gone bankrupt and has 1/10th the employees it had in the 1970's.

He says global warming is a crock of shit. He championed the Hummer (sold to a Chinese firm in a fire sale this week) at GM, was a driving force behind the deathcar gashog Explorer at Ford. Yet somehow, this 76 year old fossil held onto his job until 1 Apr 2009. And of course, there are more masters of disaster in the GM lineup where this blunderer came from. Wow. What does it take to get an exec fired in Detroit?

The magnitude of their failure is perhaps unparalleled in the history of capitalism. Oh, that's right, we just had a multi-trillion dollar booboo on Wall Street. So let's amend that to: .....unparalleled in the history of manufacturing.

Am sputtering and repeating myself, I know, but the proof is in the performance: GM execs, including Bob Lutz, are responsible for the greatest disaster in the history of industry----the bankruptcy and near total collapse of General Motors, once the greatest industrial firm in the world. The mighty colossus is now roadkill. GM once produced 10% of the nation's entire industrial output. Yesterday it was drummed out of the Dow Jones lineup. Saying Hummer-booster Bob Lutz and his fellow dinosaurs are good auto execs is like saying Custer was a good general. How did these fossils, and their hapless predecessors, hold onto their jobs as long as they did? Their longevity says terrible things about the blind, deaf, smug, inbred culture of The Motor City. The only thing they've succeeded in doing is driving the American automobile industry straight into the ground.