Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Safire, don't let the door to hell smack your ass on the way in

It's damning that the hallowed NY Times gave a vital sounding board to an amoral PR man for ghouls like Nixon, Agnew, Sharon, & Cheney. "Nattering nabobs of negativism" was a fun turn of Safirean phraseology, but remember, Saire made it in the service of Spiro A, a completely corrupt conman, bribe-taker, liar, and felon. Safire also flakked for the discredited final years of the Viet War, including Nixon's invasion of Cambodia, and defended the indefensible as his massa', the Constitution-raping Nixon, went down the tubes. 30 years later, Bill was still up to his rotten tricks, selling the disastrous, lie-based, invasion of Iraq to the American public. There must be a special place in hell for men who use their verbal virtuosity to sell lies, violence, and economic & social injustice to their readers. William Buckley will be there to greet his glib homey.