Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sarah P, Lipsticked Pit Bull, Attack Dog of the North

Was down in Costa Mesa (Orange County, conservative and corporate SoCal) last weekend to see a play and Sarah Palin also happened to be there, haranguing the faithful. The whole vibe was thoroughly ugly. There were armadas of Orange Cty police and patrolcars to "protect" her as she drummed up hatred against Obama. But my sense was that the cops were there more to suppress or at least curb the anti-Palin protesters than to protect Palin. She's hate all dressed up as a moose-shooting beauty-contest-winning hockey mom. She slept at the local Westin hotel that night as some of the cast and I drank in the bar. We could feel The Wicked Witch of the North's evil oooooooze through the walls. Brrrrrrrr!

Fortunately, the banking collapse has ripped the guts out of McShame's campaign. If Obama can just avoid getting shot (I'm serious) for the next few weeks, he'll make it to the White House. This is a big if. The Secret Service must do a better job than they did at a recent McBrainDrain rally where the GOP psychos shouted stuff about Obama like "off with his head" and "terrorist" and "kill him." The Secret Service claimed not to have heard the shouts threatening the life of a presidential candidate. Bull shite! But the media sensation forced them to "investigate" many hours after the incident. Would the SS have been so slow if folks at an Obama rally had shouted "kill McCain"? I think not. But then, that sort of madness would never happen at an Obama rally. The shadow of the assassination of RFK hangs heavy over this campaign.

McDrivel is looking geriatric and feeble and bleached out of late, eh? He needs a rest home, not the White House. The campaign is clearly taking its toll. Can you imagine Palin's fantasies? "Hmmm, the old bastard doesn't look long for this world.... Now if he can just live long enough to get elected and THEN keel over I'll be Dominatrix of the Far North, the Lower 48, AND Hawaii. My first act as Der Fuhrer shall be to blitzkrieg Canada from Alaska and from the 48th Parallel! In not time I'll be Empress of North America. Unt after that? Palinland uber alles! The world is my mooseburger!