Monday, July 25, 2011

Joel Klein Promises to "Investigate" His Very Generous Boss, Rupert M

Click here: Joel Klein, Ex-Schools Chief, Leads Internal News Corp. Inquiry -

The Times reporter seems to find it curiouser and curiouser that Joel Klein, a so-called Democrat and man of probity, would take on the job of in-house investigation of the through-the-looking-glass-world of his employer, Rupert Murdoch.

Actually, Mr. Klein was recently a notorious unionbuster (teachers' unions) appointed by a Republican mayor to bring NY teachers to heel.. And in any case, no man of integrity would accept an executive job, as Klein did last year, from a lie-mongering spider like Rupert Murdoch. The in-house "investigation" of Murdoch conducted by Klein and Lord Grabiner can only be an ugly joke. Another joke: the protests by both men that they would not take the job on if they thought it would be a whitewash. It can only be a whitewash, and this story, which is an opinion piece posing as an objective story, is a whitewash, too.

We finally get down to something real in this story when we learn that Klein's exec compensation package from Rupert is upwards of $4.5 million/annum. What some shills, er, ah, men of integrity, will do and say for a buck! I guess Klein feels his $34,000 pension (earned while spending 8 years attacking teachers' pensions!) for being Chancellor of NY Schools ain't nearly enough to pay for the life to which he would like to become accustomed.

Contradicting and compromising himself for the almighty dollar has never worried Klein before. Though he happily accepts his own defined benefit pension, here's what he had to say about defined benefit pensions when he was Chancellor of NY Schools: "Alas," he added, "the same kind of pensions are now hollowing out public education." And alas, Mr. Klein, your compensation package from Mr. Murdoch has hollowed out the last shreds of your reputation for integrity.


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