Thursday, December 09, 2010

The Grinch That Is Stealing Social Security

The cruelest joke of the season has got be calling The Cat Food Commission, led by Utah's ex- Senator Alan "Attila the Mormon" Grinchkin, bipartisan.

Notice the 2 pronged attack on SS. The allegedly bipartisan Cat Food Commission (spokesman Alan Simpson is about as bi-partisan as Mussolini and has a long history of hating SS) proposes cuts in SS payments ("we have to destroy it to save it"), and the Repigs extend Bush's tax cut giveaway to the super rich, a one-two punch which knocks a trillion dollar hole in future budgets and sets up more SS "reform" which will consist in eviscerating and "privatizing" SS so that pension $ can be flooded into the market, setting up more opportunities for the barely taxed billionaire Wall St. swindlers to raid the savings of working people and rape the social net. It's too too painfully obvious and wicked, but the corporate media, in service to its billionaire owners, won't question it. On the contrary, the talking heads sell the crime to the lobotomized public, lubing the reaming of the rubes.What a criminal class America's upper class has become.


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