Saturday, September 13, 2008

Kuttner KO's Hannity

Hannity's anger sounds pretty desperate. Does he think his show is part of the WWF? Hilarious that mild-mannered wonk Kuttner nailed Hannity on his own turf. It's clear the strain of lying about all the Bushco disasters (failing economy, $1 trillion pissed away in Iraq, Katrina, DofJ scandal, Int. Dept scandal, huge taxcuts for the rich and bailouts for big banks while the middleclass stagnates) is taking its toll on his brittle Irish belligerence. Underneath the bluster, poor Hannity is clearly spooked. It must be exhausting, day after day, trying to sweep those mountains of elephant shit under the rug.
He makes me want to guest on his show and bloody his nose, black his eyes, and bash his lying mouth. But then, I guess that's his appeal, right?
Of COURSE those are RNC talking pts! Hannity's boss, Roger Ailes, has been a major GOP operative for decades!!