Friday, February 10, 2006

The Bush in the Bubble


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The King funeral may be the ONE time during W's entire administration that he has to publicly sit and listen to the very truths he constantly avoids and denies. What does it say about our broadcast and print pundits that their reaction, in the main, to this candor is that it was rude and unseemly? These hairdos aren't in the business of illumination but obfuscation. Better be polite to W than, for example, remind him he strummed while an American city drowned. Better be grateful he attended the funeral at all, however grudgingly and at the last minute, no matter that he did so in search of photo ops with a constituency he has devastated, than mention that the dead woman AND her man were once hounded & spied on by J Edgar Hoover's FBI with the same illegal zeal that W's NSA is now employing in spying on thousands of innocent American citizens. Better mouth Civil Rights platitudes than mention that the Bush Administration is doing everything it can to eviscerate the very Civil Rights MLK died for. Better avoid the topic of the war altogether than remind the Bush in the Bubble that he is pursuing a war policy as bloody, bankrupt, and bellicose as the Viet Nam meatgrinder the nonviolent Dr. King inveighed against. Better step lightly around the topic of economic injustice even as the Republican Congress installs yet another round of tax cuts for the rich and rips new holes in the social net. Better turn up the air conditioning rather than acknowledge the threat of Global Warming... If we admit it's there, we might have to try to do something to save ourselves.

No wonder these same pundits, speaking in chorus with the GOP, seem to think there's nothing worse than an angry Democrat, be she/he Hillary or Howard. There's so much to be angry about. From anger comes the truth this country needs to hear and act upon if it is to survive. It's the last thing Bushcons want to hear----in ANY context. It's the first thing they are working to silence.