Saturday, July 19, 2008

You can take the moron outta the jail, but you can't...

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McCain looks like a ghost. He can't possibly have 8 more years in him.

Last night was at my favorite newstand (actually, the only one surviving on Westside) and a yahoo was talking in a piggy way about women with the guy at the registar as I was buying a couple mags and I recounted a story an Ethiopian friend had told me: How he was living in Italy with an Ethiopian girlfriend and after a few months the girl said to him, "Don't you love me? You never beat me." And the Ethiopian friend said to me: In Ethiopia there is a saying: For women and donkeys, the whip, every 3 days.

In effect, I was saying to the guy: If you look for the master/slave relationship in women, then how can you say you respect freedom?

He knew he was nailed and claimed to want to fight me on the sidewalk. I only half paid attention to him, I was busy buying my magazines, he was like a flea, and a not very bright flea, a really dim, sad, flea. It was as if he still thought he was in some jail, trying to prove he wasn't the punk he was. Then he rode off on his beach cruiser before I actually stepped out on the sidewalk..........presumably he didn't want to try to make good on his bluff. He just wanted to talk the talk, not walk the walk.

I have a feeling that in some reform school, jail, or penitentiary, some bubba, or many bubbas, made a bitch of him, and he was desperately trying to prove that's not what he still is. These cruel pecking orders are everywhere. For him, even Santa Monica is a perpetual prison, and he has to talk so much about making women his bitches because his life, his self, is such a bitch.

Speaking of which, did you notice John "kiss up kick down" Bolton is bitching about our backchannel feelers to Iran? Even his fellow GOPers* have dumped him on this one. Presumably it's a lock that Israel will bomb Iran in next several months if there's not a diplomatic, negotiated solution to Iran's bomb-building. Oil is $140 a barrel now, that would put it over $200 easy. GM is capitalized at only $5 billion now. At $200 a barrel, it would have a negative capitalization and the once mightiest industrial firm in the world would have to pay somebody else to embalm its corpse while Toyota ate its lunch. But GM is doomed in any case, thanks to its incurably hapless management. It's just a matter of when.

Anyway you look at it, the Big Three are in the toilet. Not that any of the big 3 execs that locked their corps into a gasguzzling, Hummer/Durango/Ramtuff deadend scenario are losing THEIR jobs over the disaster. No, it's the guys on the assemblyline who'll be selling pencils on the street. Then there're the banks. We haven't seen the end of bank collapses, financial collapses, though the dereg enthusiasts are trying to pretend they had nothing to do with it..... Apparently Cleveland is just about as much in the toilet as NOLA. Even Shaker Hts (Shaker Hts!) has 500 vacant houses. It's a second Katrina, and Bushco's policies set it up.

*'cept Dick Cheney's office. Cheney and Addington desperately want to try out some o' dem newfangled bunker buster tac nukes. Cheney's probably wondering: can I at least hunt quail and Texass lawyers with 'em?