Monday, December 28, 2009

Homeland Security: Protecting its own ass first & last

Homeland Security is imposing all kinda outlandish new "safety measures" *(no pillows on laps, nobody gets to pee, except on himself, in the last hour of the flight)...........all just a cover for their own incompetence: the real error was letting this Nigerian fly even though his father had warned security months before that his son had become a Muslim extremist. Jesus.

The fucking federals keep making the SAME mistakes (invading Afghanistan after invading Iraq, scarcely any new banking regulation after the banking catastrophe, Bush ignored 9/11 intelligence, Napolitano's stooges do the same re the Nigerian) over and over and over. Are they stupider than they are corrupt, or more corrupt than they are stupid?

*these pointless security measures aren't so much to protect Americans as to show the sheeple who's their daddy: Big Brother. "We can shine a flashlight up your butt anytime we want. We can tell you when and where to piss or NOT. We are in charge of the vertical. We are in charge of the horizontal. You're just Spam in a can." And notice that it was the passengers themselves that saved themselves from the bomber, not all the hundreds of billions spent on self-important Homeland Security bureaucrats.