Friday, September 26, 2008

Clay Cums Clean

Now that Clay Aiken has revealed he's gay, what other public revelations can we look forward to?

1) Dick Cheney confesses he's the Spawn of Satan.

2) Sarah Palin allows as how she's an ignorant dumbass.

3) Karl Rove admits he has a problematic relationship with the truth.

4) W raises the possibility that at some time in his life, tho not necessarily during the past 8 years, he may have made a mistake.

5) Barbara Bush adds: The mistake was mine. I gave birth to the little bugger.

6) Rumsfeld admits he "may have jumped the gun" on the Iraq Invasion.

7) And that along with the known unknowns and the unknown unknowns there are "the things you just plain fucking lie about because the American people are too contemptible to trusted with the truth which, anyhow, is something I wouldn't know if I stepped in it."

8) Brownie raises the possibility that that job he did wasn't such a heck uv one.

9) W wonders WHY he spent so much time reading My Pet Goat while the Towers fell. Can anybody tell him? Because he'd like to know.

10) Condie admits those nuclear mushroom clouds over American cities which she promised us were really only nuqular mushroom clouds, harmless, flavorful, nonpoisonous, and excellent in both salad and soup.


Blogger Tazeen said...

I think Barbra Bush has been secretly regretting giving birth to the bugger for the past 50 odd years. She just wont admit it publicly.

9/30/2008 1:03 AM  

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