Sunday, January 14, 2007

What----Me worry?

Click here: William Kristol - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This guy was on TV again this morning, grinning his cheshire grin, talking about how terrible the Demos were for "not supporting the troops" (the same tired old argument and slam Chickenhawks have been using for 5 years, the same one they used to prolong the Nam abortion), how unpatriotic they are to question W's latest "surge." What a sociopathic monster he is.

He's one of the architects of this disaster yet he still claims the moral high ground, tries to identify himself with the very troops he's killing. He not only lives in a Neocon bubble, he was BORN (daddy Irving was father of the movement) in it. Oh, and by the way, he has, of course, never gone NEAR risking his OWN neck in the military. He just stands on the sidelines making a great living urging 21 year olds to THEIR futile deaths.

Note in Wikipedia that he went on TV supporting a 2005 Bush speech w/o mentioning that he helped WRITE it.

Why is this man still smiling? Because he's completely out of his mind? He's the Alfred E. Neuman of the Far Right.

Weirdly, this maggot was once Quayle's Chief of Staff and was known as Quayle's Brain. Is that like being the "Smart Angel"? At least the mobs beat and hanged Mussolini, shot Ceaucescu, beheaded Louis XVI, hounded Pinochet's last days. Will the heat ever be turned on scum like Kristol? I think not. Maybe THAT'S why his grin is indelible. He knows he's got a platinum franchise.

Now take a look at this quote from the 1/14/07 Washington Post:

For all that, some allies said, the administration was doomed to bipartisan criticism regardless of how it handled the review and presentation. "You've got a Democratic Party that doesn't believe in Bush, doesn't believe in the war," said William Kristol, editor of the Weekly Standard. "You've got a Republican Party that thinks Bush cost them the election. They could have done it better, but I'm not sure it would've made much difference."
Yet even Kristol, a strong proponent of sending more troops, expressed aggravation at the White House for not showing more urgency about getting Lt. Gen. David H. Petraeus dispatched to the region as the new Middle East commander. Asked why it hasn't happened, Kristol said: "Because it's the Bush administration. Maybe you haven't noticed - they're not the most competent at executing the war."

You gotta give Kristol major chutzpah points: He is instrumental in creating the disaster in the first place and then stands on the sidelines and criticizes both those who continue to perpetrate the catastrophic success and those who are trying to fix it.


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