Thursday, May 04, 2006

IS Irony Dead?

I loved that Colbert ripped all those complacent journalists. Let the corporate media whores writhe on what they thought was to be a night of cozying up to their #1 john. It's the least they deserve. Interesting how satire is beginning to swell so large, eh? Phenomenal how we have lived to see that pathetic swaggering little cowgirl publicly ripped and humiliated thusly. And where are his ball-less shockjocks, the Rushes & O'Reilly's, now? Even that supercilious cunt William Buckley is ripping Bush/Cheney/Rummy, as are the generals.....

Remember how people said, after 9/11: "Irony is dead"?

How did that happen? Around 1970, Time Magazine said God is dead, or at least asked "Is God dead?" By 2001 certain morons were insisting "Irony is dead."

By the way, if there is a God, surely he/she/it is deeply ironic (as well as vengeful, compassionate, indifferent, cruel, forgiving, and with a crueler, kinder, more hilarious & ripping & healing sense of humor than we can begin to imagine). Cosmic joke indeed.

I think I'd like Jesus better if he could come up with a scintilla of irony. But no, he's always groaning and moaning and showboatin' on that cross...... What would Jesus have said at the banquet dais? "George, why hath thou forsaken me, you oily petrol-head"?


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