Thursday, October 27, 2005

Judy, Judy, Judy

Headline in Wall Street Journal: Judith Miller and NY Times Parting Ways

Rather disingenuous of the poobahs at the Times, isn't it, to say NOW that they wish Judy M had told them more back when they backed her? Why weren't they bothered years ago, when it was obvious she was shoveling bullshit for Cheney & Co. re the invasion ramp-up?

Everybody's always trying to cover his ass. Is Bill Keller wondering if he'll go the way of his disgraced predecessor?

And what rag wants to hire an old, fucked out, news ho? I guess her politics are right for the WSJ......

Surely this is the biggest blackeye in NY Times history..... Makes the Jayson Blair thing look like a stubbed pinkie.

What's amazing is that so few civilians raised a stink about Judyjudyjudy years ago. And her fellow staffers must have been silently shitting bricks for 2.5 years.

So they gave Judy a Pulitzer for lying about WMD's, and Kissinger a Nobel Peace Prize for fomenting & prolonging war in Nam. ....maybe it's better to go prize-less if that's who's gettin' 'em. Maybe the time to start worrying about yourself is when you win one.....


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