Saturday, September 10, 2005

A N'Awlins Holdout + 2 Dozen Dawgs

This is another one of those prose emails I wrote that got bounced back to me with email formatted line breaks. Now it feels kinda like protest verse, you know what Ah'm sayin'? Sure it tastes and sounds like a mouf-fulla raw-sewage/Pontchartrainoilslick/cadaver/chemical/gumbo, but who says protest is pretty? Maybe it's not poetry but internetry:

On The News: A N'Awlins Holdout + 2 Dozen Dawgs

I saw the lady with the dogs who finally surrendered
> to the ministrations of
> the handsome young paratrooper captain. Maybe
> they'll all be fine. But
> will they ever return to THAT neighborhood? Will
> she ever again even recognize
> her old home?
> What I'm really worried about is the future of
> N'Awlins itself.
> The Bush folk are already turning it into a
> corporate boondoggle, handing
> out big bulldozing contracts to Halliburton and the
> like, figgering out how they
> can blow the colored folk and Bohos and Po' ho's &
> their jazz and jumbalaya
> outta town forever and make it safe for a brave new
> world of condos, hi-rises,
> Muzak, and Repukes.
> I don't want to call it a conspiracy. But this
> giant flood wit' de
> under-serviced, busted levees and the glacially slow
> "rescue" sure as hell made it
> easier to ship everybody out to Houston, you know
> what I'm saying? Why oh why
> do so many things break that bastard Bush's way? He
> deserves craps
> but de die keep coming up
sevens & elevens.


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