Sunday, January 07, 2007

When will they ever learn?

This "volunteer force" which gets shunted over to Iraq 3 & 4 times w/o scarcely any in-between rest is heavily composed of Red State whites.* Don't you think they'd get a clue by now? Or are they genetically clueless? Impervious to realizing how much they're getting conned no matter how many times it happens? Even their brass says the Army is a broken force or nearly so. Yet Bush's "surge" would force exhausted vets BACK to Baghdad even quicker. And would extend the tours of those already there.

At least a recent poll of the military shows that a majority now think Bush is messing up in Iraq. But sadly, the same poll says majority of the military still think he's an effective President. Unbelievable. Yet all too believable.

I heard Michael Gordon, the NY Times head war correspondent, cite those GI's who spoke to Rumsfeld in Baghdad (remember, they said they "wanted more troops") as proof that the troops on the ground disagreed with brass who said the surge was a lousy idea. But those GI's were green, newly arrived, and who knows LESS than newly arrived trainees? NO ONE, believe me, NO ONE. It says terrible things about who Gordon is that he would even cite such a bogus source. It was clearly staged to make Rumsfeld look good, though nothing can make Rummy look good.

It's so sick how truly indifferent Bush/Cheney/Condi are to the plight of their own loyal troops. Think of how Bush partied and deserted in Alabam while others died in his place in Nam. He's certainly consistent. And by the way, NeoCon invasion-hatchers like the always grinning Bill Kristol (not Billy, Bill) had the nerve to say this morning (on Meet the Press, I think it was) that we needed more troops, which is to say, escalation. I'm SURE Kristol has never put his own ass on the line. Not that being a vet is much better: that would just be McCain, who also calls for more troops and is insane. Or Powell, who lied us into war and knew better.

Much of the country is just stunned that these ghouls will be at the helm for two more years. Of course, media chickenhawks like Kristol will be on the airwaves till death do they part, no matter how many times they're proved liars and hideously wrong.

*nobody expects the illegal-alien Latinos who are trading military service for citizenship to get a clue-----Baghdad probably looks good to them after evading Guatemalan death squads and making it across the Arizona border.


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