Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Eyes on the $10 trillion Prize

Click here: Michael Schwartz The Struggle Over Iraqi Oil: Eyes Eternally on the Prize

Oil fields conservatively estimated at $10 TRILLION. Does anyone seriously think Dick Cheney, the prime mover behind the war, former head of a oil company, cares about WMD's, democratization, Saddam/Al Qaeda links, or ANYthing but pirating that oil? Everything else is window dressing.

By the way, so far we've made a down payment of half a trillion $, at least, not to mention 3600 dead soldiers, 25,000 wounded, and half a million dead Iraqis. This was more than Deadeye Dick and Field Marshal von Rumsfeld originally contemplated spending in their war on the cheap, but I'm sure they aren't troubled by a little extra, unending, expense-------especially when it involves billion dollar no-bid contracts for Halliburton, Bechtel, and the rest of their cronies. That's a win-win! The longer the war goes on, the more profit for their side.

Maybe the real reason the American people haven't dragged treasonous Cheney out of his bunker and hanged him from the White House Xmas tree is that they're, at heart, oil junkies looking for a quick fix in Iraq. They just don't want to admit it to themselves and prefer to have Deadeye Dick and the "volunteer" military do the dirty work while they keep shopping.


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