Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Let's Have an Xmas White House Shoe-In!

All this publicity about the sons turning in an errant Daddy Madoff* seems like a PR move to launder the rest of the family and its associates. Madoff would have us believe that his family had an intervention, as in: "Stop daddy, before he swindles again!" Or: "Oh dad, poor dad, he's been stealing billions in the closet and we're feeling so sad." When crooks like this "confess," their confessions are usually tactical retreats, covering lies which minimize damage. He's trying to offer himself and hoping we'll be stoopid enough not to look for his co-conspirators. And what other gigantic ponzi schemes (the nation has been one grand ponzi scheme for the last 8, no, make that the last 28, years....) have yet to emerge?

Regarding my hero, the Baghdad shoe-flinger: Wouldn't a shoe-in at the White House, with the citizenry carpetting the WH lawn with 100 million sneakers & loafers on Xmas, be the right send-off for President Chimp and the First Enabler? Hey, I wouldn't mind see a mob hang their beaten corpses upside down in Lafayette Square, Mussolini&mistress style, with Dick & Lynn trussed up for good measure, but I'll settle for shoes."Use every man after his desert and who should 'scape whipping?" True enough, Hamlet, but if every man deserves whipping, what do the men deserve who have lied a nation into 6 years, and counting, of war?

*I had to laugh at the billionstobusted Noels, who sent their beautiful daughters merrily a'marrying all over the globe and drawing their Italian & South American investor/banker sons-in-law into the Madoff bubble. Splat! Dat's some Xmas present they're giving their extended family. And what a timely surname they have! If Waugh or Dickens had used it, critics would say it's too much.


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