Friday, November 14, 2008

Dick C's Embunkered Branch

A recent WP item agrees with Dick Cheney that it's not clear which branch of the government the VP is in. That's like saying it's not clear which branch of the goverment is the executive branch. Donny Graham's Washington Post has tumbled a long, degraded, bootlicking, way from the courageous newspaper his father Phil Graham and his mother Catherine Graham published. How they, and his publisher grandfather Eugene Meyer, must be writhing in their graves!

Regarding the vexed and vexatious question of Dick Cheney's branch of government: In his twisted, bedeviled, mind it is very very high.......above the law. He holds himself accountable neither to the people, to the Constitution, to logic, to principle, to his compliant boss, nor to himself. Because he is not accountable even to himself, he is free to contradict himself as often as he pleases. Whatever he says or does at the moment he is saying it is the truth and the law and we commoners must submit to his divinely inspired dictates. If he says black is white, so it must be. If he says it, it must be true! If he does it, it must be right! Non-existent WMD's exist! The facts be damned! We must bow to the Oracle in the Bunker! And if this member of the executive branch says he is not in ANY branch, then who in the government would dare to contradict the Mighty Oz? "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!"

No one in the Federal Government has had the spine nor the stones to take this criminal, this international bunko artist, out behind the wood shed during the 8 years of mayhem he has wreaked. Yet to the people he has made himself the most loathsome and loathed American history. Will he EVER be called to account for engineering the Iraq Disaster using a mountain of lies? What about the time he outed the secret identity of a CIA agent in charge of a critical network of anti-terrorist spies? How about the way he covertly allowed Enron crooks to write national energy policy? Or the way this ex-Halliburton CEO conducted the Iraq War as a private piggybank of no-bid contracts for his corporate cronies? Or will he be allowed to scuttle with impunity back to his ranch where he will score a multi-millionaire dollar publishing contract for his memoirs......along with a job as a Faux News commentator?

Patriotism is indeed the last refuge of scoundrels, which is why this war-mongering, draft-dodging ("I had other priorities," he said of his non-service during the Viet War.), traitorous, lying, bullying, subversive, cynical, slippery, con man always wears an American flag on his lapel. Anyone who rushes to this human attack dog's defense instantly and rightfully becomes suspect himself, both politically and psychologically.

Three final dark, dark, thoughts: What further mischief is Dick making in his final weeks in office? What crimes has he committed in the dark which have not yet been brought out of the bunker and into the light? And how are those crimes damaging our already Cheney-ravaged nation?

He shall mark our goings, question whence we came, / Set his guards about us, as in Freedom's name. / He shall peep and mutter, and night shall bring / Watchers 'neath our window, lest we mock the King. -Rudyard Kipling, author, Nobel laureate (1865-1936)


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