Sunday, November 21, 2004

I hear America swindling


Mourning’s at 24/7, and the hillside’s nuqular.
Sorry, but I just have to have my morning bellow:

It seems as if the Repiglicans are trying to make liberals, Democrats, women, workers, mother nature, and, yes, the rest of mankind, their bitch. It's a tall order, especially for chickenhawks who have to con others into doing their fighting, bleeding, raping, & pillaging. At least they're willing to do their own lying and looting, and so far they've taken themselves to unprecedented depths with those skills. But they would never have been able to accomplish so much without millions of violent, avaricious, zealous, racist, chauvinist, fundamentalist, literalist, deluded, hypocritical, malleable, reactionary, xenophobic, provincial, know-nothing, chickenhearted, redbloodthirsty Americans standing right behind them, cheering them on & voting them in. Home of the knaves and land of the fleeced. Home of the craven and land of the POleece. Don't it make your blue eyes red.


Click here: t r u t h o u t - Congress Begins Attack on Women's Right to Choose

Maybe I'm stretching things here, but there's a link between exploitation of parttimers on campuses (and exploitation of pension-free, benefit-poor "temporary" workers all over the nation) and the stripping of reproduction rights from women.

Women who aren't in control of their own bodies are servants in patriarchal households, serving at the behest & whim of their employers ("husbands"). If they get out of line, get too uppity, they can always be dismissed, dispensed with, outsourced (with a mail order bride?) and sent out on the street w/o Social Security (if they've been too busy raising kids and cleaning house and sexually servicing the massa for 20 years to have a "job") and/or medical coverage. Stripping away reproductive choice is another reminder to them that they are second class citizens. --That someone else is in control. They're women, and women's role is to lie down, roll over, and take what the lord & master wants to give them. If he wants doggy style, doggy style it is. And they damn well better heel and not tug on the leash or they'll feel the economic choke collar tighten around their tracheas.

Fundamentally, they are not part of the "ownership society," especially when it comes to their own bodies & offspring. They are not owners of capital; they are not even workers in good standing. They are resources to be exploited by those "in charge." They don't have any say in the matter, and if they do try to say, they'll find it's the boss's way or the highway.

Of course, what formerly secure white collar corporate drones all over America are discovering is that they aren't so secure, either. They may be "permanent" employees, but their raises aren't permanent, their pensions aren't permanent, their permanent jobs aren't permanent. What is permanent is that the folks at the top of the pyramid will continue to feather their nests and consolidate power at an ever-accelerating rate. What is permanent is government for sale, corporate welfare, tax breaks for the rich, elimination of estate taxes, burgeoning golden parachutes and stock options for the conniving few, looting of the Social Security fund, deregging and gaming "free" markets, fixing & gerrymandering elections, transfer of tax burdens from owners of capital to ever more stressed working men & women, old chickenhawks sending young working class people to die in oil wars, corporate cronies dawging the national parks & eliminating pollution controls, fundamentalist hypocrites eviscerating civil the name of security, superpatriots using fear to stampede the populace and divide Americans against themselves, multinationals and religious fundamentalists making common cause against the Constitution, plutocrats controlling & monopolizing the airwaves and using Big Lies to advance hateful, avaricious, unjust agendas...

I suggest that those who feel smug & snug and secure and sheltered and safely out of the storm keep a weather eye open. Today it's women and temps and temporary wives and immigrants and Moslems and blacks & browns and gays and dissenters and the weak and the helpless and the uneducated and the disenfranchised and fillintheblank who feel the whip. No telling whom they might come for tomorrow. No telling whom they might drag out into the wind & rain. No telling which way, or how hard, the wind & rain might blow. It might just blow the roof away. It might just huff and puff and blow the house, the house divided against itself, down.


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