Friday, November 12, 2004

Red Gray & Blue BLOWS, Dude!

Red Gray & Blue BLOWS, Dude!

I once spent almost a year in the crotch of the South: Ft Jackson in Columbia, SC. I thought I put that all behind me. I was right. That's why it's tearing me a new asshole. That New South they keep talkin' about is even scarier than the Old One. The South is like Freddy: it jes' keep rising again, and every time it come back it come back uglier dan de wun befo. Can you imagine we once had a federal gov't whose judiciary, legislature, and executive all acted TOGETHER to bring Civil Rts to those mofo's? But of course, that was 100 years after the entire North had to kick Dixie's slaving ass in a, as it developed, futile effort to clean up its act. They're anti-education, pro-ignorance, pro-war (any war, just give 'em a war), anti-social net, pro cotton & tabakker & shugah subsidies, anti-different, anti-semitic, anti-anycolorbutdem, pro-demogoguery&mobocracy, they flaunt a Christianity which is wildly (I'd say comically, but it's hard to laff when you're getting buttfucked by it) hypocritical, they iz anti-science, anti-reason, anti-facts, pro-hate, pro-injustice, pro-inbreeding, pro-pellegra&ringworm, pro-Armageddon, pro-narra'minded, pro-thoughtcontrol, pro-provincial, pro-hunting….humans with bloodhounds, pro isolationistANDimperialist, pro-Wal-Mart---they're the birthplace of Wal-Mart, and they're constantly on the dole from the Blue States though they're always screaming about tax 'n spend liberals. Only good things the South produced are pralines, Faulkner, Satchmo’, an' da blues, and dat's what dey giving me now. Can't somebody DO sumpin about Dixie?! I'm TIRED of seeing red.


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