Saturday, July 18, 2009

Senator Lezzie Graham: Ass of the Year

Click here: Jon Stewart Hammers Lindsey Graham For Hypocrisy In The Sotomayor Hearings (VIDEO)

Should be required viewing for every American. Thank heavens for Jon Stewart.

Do the Repigs really think they're gaining by re-re-relocking up the sexist/racist base? Subtract all the women, all the non-whites, all the sane, all the non-lobotomos, and all the non-sexist non-racist white men, and where do they have a majority outside of Inner Dumbfuckistan? Or am I being naive?

I know, I know, this strategy has worked for them like gangbusters for 40 years, so why quit now.

Sure puts in sharp relief what it takes to please a GOP Senator: Alito, Scaglia, Roberts, Thomas....what a line up.....of lying, sexist, racist, corporate-facist tools.


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