Thursday, April 09, 2009

Who's still listening to Rush's bullshit?!

The Pornography of Hate, The Banality of Imbecility, The Futility of Credulity, The Audacity of Mendacity

Rush, Hannity, Billy O, & Beck have a constituency of hate that overlaps nicely with the NRA gun crowd. They want the freedom to hear and talk hate-spew about the other: other races, other genders, other religions, other nationalities. This also includes the freedom to ignore the facts, the freedom to forget who wrecked the country over the last couple decades, and the freedom not to connect the dotted lines between the exploitative rich and their own depleted wallets, the freedom to feel sorry for themselves, and the freedom not to take responsibility for the consequences of their own hateful ignorance. This trippple XXX rated hard core lunatic fringe, which fancies itself the real America, constitutes about 18% of the population. It needs to hear the same lies repeated in the spin machine, day after day, because they are unsupported by the facts and so have very short shelf lives unless they are repeatedly, frequently, recycled......


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