Friday, January 23, 2009

Thain Fired AFTER He Makes Off with Our Tax Billions

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I'd like to know what Thain's personal take was in this heist. Did he get a multi-million dollar commission for arranging the sale to BofA, for example? He's been booted out in disgrace after a year in office, his once-great company is in ruins and devoured by BofA, yet I'll bet his golden parachute is $10's of millions if not MORE. Every sentence which compliments Thain should end with the phrase: "for a lying fucking thief and swindler."

As in: "He's a brilliant executive.......for a lying fucking thief & swindler."

Notice that overrated egotistical bastard, greedhead, and self-promoter Jack Welch is also getting a reassessment, now that the big financial subsidiaries that propped up GE's 1990's growth (and his bloated options) are going bust. Remember when he and Alan Greenspan were being sold to us by the worshipful media as the twin emblems of the Brave New Greedocracy/Kleptocracy/Ponziocracy?

The prime motivator for most of these guys is egotism/avarice (who gets the most chips), so why should we be surprised their "success" means short term personal success for them and their cronies and eventual evisceration for the companies they're "leading"?


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