Thursday, January 22, 2009

Chief Justice Roberts Shows His Freudian Slop

I think Roberts fucking up the swearing in was a Freudian slip. Maybe it wasn't even unconscious. He hates it that Obama will appoint guys who will wreck his wretched corporate suckup majority on the so-called court. Court of Fascisti Cronies. Guys like Alito and Scalia (sp?) would have warmed the cockles of Mussolini's blackshirted heart, just as they please Cheney's nuke-powered pump. OK, so Ted Kennedy and Robert Byrd all but died on 1/20..........couldn't Cheney at LEAST have had his 5th attack on the reviewing stand? Or is #5 the real reason he was in a wheel chair? I mean, who the fuck seriously believes that bastard was moving his own boxes?! Scut work like that is done by his personal slave pukka boys, who have been secretly chained in his bunker for the past 8 years, along with certain missing neighborhood children and unlucky greased goats. His favorites were spirited out under cover of midnight darkness to his new DC mansion's dungeon/catacomb. The extras, humans & goats alike, were ground into sausage and are being served to unwitting diners in the Senate commissary.


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